Contribution in first startup (Wibe)

Yes, after such a long time, I was in a group headed by Akshit and Ankit sir, whose aim was to create something new and redefine how we read Wikipedia articles.
Yeah, btw startup is named : WIBE

This blog post contains what it actually is.

Wibe is a product that increases the “Interest Quotient” of Wikipedia and YouTube content by combining the power of both at a single place. You can leverage this combined power of both just by installing the Wibe’s chrome extension after which you can watch out the relevant Videos corresponding to the Wikipedia Page.

Wibe provides videos from YouTube corresponding to every heading and subheading of Wikipedia article, so that you can get a better insight about every part of the Wiki Article. Wibe also gives you “Stick Tabs” feature by which you can stick a video tab on top of page while scrolling through Wikipedia content.

Explanatory Video

Recent updates on WIBE

Website and Download Link


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