Since, past few months, it has been regular problem with Facebook i.e. it just don’t load up, or is way slower. (even when you are having fast internet connection!).

If you are facing such problem, you are at perfect place to get it solved. The main issue is with so many connections on main, now let us solve it.. 🙂

How to confirm you are facing issue from Facebook side and not due to your internet connection ?

Open these two links i.e. and, and check time taken to load these two pages. If you are facing issue due to your slow internet, it wouldn’t create much difference, while if you have issue from Facebook side (i.e. slow www subdomain), you would have significant difference in load time for both.

How to solve ?

To solve the above described issue, follow these steps:

1. Install chrome plugin names “Switcheroo Redirector”. You can find it here.
2. Add redirect rule for as described in this image.

Do add both the rules

3. Enjoy faster Facebook.

This can be considered as a small trick, considering the fact that has considerably less users when compared with

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