Birth of Codechef Ranking

Anybody thought till ?
Their isn’t any feature on Codechef in which users can comptete within their college, see other programmer’s progress on Codechef at a place and can know whom they have to approach to learn/ask doubt after the contest.

I guess you would haven’t, nor had I till a post in my college’s programming group on Facebook by Abhishek sir. The need of such a feature came, and what was there to wait ?
Soon after it hack began, and Codechef Ranking was made live (JIIT Codechef Rankings earlier)

Here is a snapshot of the old look :

JIIT Codechef Ranking


Facebook post referred :

Facebook post by Abhishek sir


BTW, Many people have asked me till why

Answer : Actually, this was domain I was having in my Godaddy account, and was not being used anywhere, I thought the site made just a small time utility for my college hub at that time, so just put it on that URL.
Yeah, btw check out positions of “ok” and “rdx” on your keyboard..!!
Found something new ?? 😛
(Hint : Diagonal)


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